Investigation to Remediation

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Former Service Station

Property Owner

We offer turnkey services for brownfield sites, from preliminary investigations, to procurement of drilling and remediation contractors, and obtaining ministry instruments to allow redevelopment


In-situ Remediation

Remediation Contractor

Our relationship with experianced, and innovative local remediation contractors allows us to adapt quickly to changes in the industry in order to bring your project to compleation on time and on budget 


Tank Removal

Property Manager

We provide a wide range of environmental services to major commercial, and residential property management, and realty firms on southern Vancouver Island


Water Wells and Infiltration Systems



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Flood Control and Channel Rehabilitation

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hydrology services

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Land Development

Concepts to Completion

land development islander engineering

Residential Development, Victoria, BC

Many projects currently under construction require extensive retaining wall erection. To provide value added design services to our Clients, our Team coordinates closely with the project Geotechnical Engineer to determine early on how much surplus rock could be realized and what the anticipated quality of the blasted rock will be. Working with rock blasting companies, Islander can then alter drill patterns to create boulders for subbase fills and walls, or smaller aggregate for trench backfill and subbase gravels. Further processing by a rock crusher can produce smaller aggregate for road base. By modeling the site and understanding the earthworks mass balance, the TEAM at Islander can significantly reduce project costs

land development islander engineering

Mixed Use Residential / Commercial Development (Insert picture of Tillicum / Burnside project

On this mixed use Part 3 building code project, Islander worked with a variety of different consultants that form part of the building team, including but not limited to, Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer and Landscape. Working with the design team early on in the process enabled the Client to realize a parking variance, provide green building features like raingardens and bio-swales, while at the same time maximizing density in a SmartGrowth building concept.

Low Impact Development

Sustainable Solutions

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Infrastructure Modelling to Master Plans

stormwater upgrade, langford bc

Triangle Mtn Condition & Capacity Drainage Stormwater Upgrade

City of Langford

The City of Langford required the Team at Islander to review the Triangle Mountain drainage basin and complete a condition and capacity assessment of several segments of this drainage area. Drainage calculations and visual inspections determined that several sections of municipal infrastructure needed remediation and replacement.

watermain replacement victoria engineer

Watermain Replacement

Cowichan Valley Regional District

Over a 5 year period, our Team completed multiple phases of watermain replacement which involved removing AC pipe and installing new PVC and Ductile Iron pipe. Tasks included topographical surveys, communication and coordination with the public and MoTi, cost benefit analysis of multiple alignment options, and complete tender and construction services to project closure.

Rainwater Management

Every Drop Counts


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Walking, Cycling, and Driving

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