We recognize the need to react quickly and accurately when it comes to maximizing development opportunities and identifying the risks associated with ongoing analyzation and speculation.

The time and costs associated with bringing a project from concept to completion is often the barrier to entry.

Our technology and experience allows us to swiftly analyze and design sites without the need for actual outside survey or engineering data


  • Full Zoning Review & Summary Reports

  • Quantity Takeoff Reports

  • Conceptual Site Planning

  • Site Impact Analysis

  • Land Use Feasibility Studies

  • Road and Sidewalk Design

  • Land Layout and Density Summaries

  • Stormwater and Drainage Layouts

  • Vehicle Swept Path Studies

  • 3D Drone Surveying

  • Environmental Overview


Our uniquely developed site modelling process provides both the client and community representatives with an opportunity to see the project proposal brought to life. This is extremely valuable in order to best understand the impact that the proposed site and design will have on the existing community and its marketplace.


  • Animated Video Fly-Overs

  • High-Quality 3D Renderings

  • Environmental & Landscape Integration

  • Traffic & Pedestrian Flow Demonstrations

  • Headlight & Street Lamp Impact Studies

  • Sun & Shade Analysis


Our building team provides high quality, photo-realistic renderings of every design project, allowing clients to see what the completed outcome will look like before construction has even begun. We customize each project’s interior design layout, focusing on features such as lighting, fixtures, cabinetry, materials and colours, furniture placement, space planning, and more.


Digital and print-ready renderings allow clients to present projects to potential buyers and investors.


Fly-overs and walkthroughs bring projects to life, allowing for an engaging experience for prospective purchasers.


Immersive imagery takes projects one step further by using the world of 3D visualization.


HBMS/ Hazmat Survey

HBMS surveys, also referred to as an asbestos inspections, assessments, or reports identify the presence of hazardous materials in a building. The survey is intended to identify ALL materials that could potentially be harmful if they are not removed prior to a renovation or demolition of a house built before 1990.  Our team has certified AHERA building inspectors that seamlessly take each site through this process to ensure that WorkSafe BC and all other applicable standards are met.

Soil Relocation & Remediation

As part of our turnkey environmental services, we are able to provide clients with guidance and project management throughout the contaminated soil relocation and remediation process. Our knowledge and partnership with the local excavation, transport and disposal industries allow for considerable savings to clients on all fronts of the remediation program. We have extensive experience and are fully capable of completing site remediations under Contaminated Soil Relocation Agreements, Approvals in Principle and Independent Remediations to obtain Certificates of Compliance and environmental closure.

Environmental Investigations

Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) provide a preliminary evaluation of the potential for contamination to be present on a site. A Stage 1 PSI includes the professional review of available records to determine the history of the site and adjacent land. A site reconnaissance is undertaken following this review to document the current conditions and operations on, and adjacent to, the site. Where possible, interviews are conducted with current land owners and other individuals with knowledge of site use and history.

If contamination is suspected or known to be present, then a Stage 2 PSI and possibly a Detailed Site Investigation will be required to determine the extent of impacts. Depending on the scenario, investigations may require the evaluation of contamination in present soil, groundwater and soil vapour.

We have successfully performed many environmental investigations, having completed several hundred Stage 1 PSI’s, Stage 2 PSI’s and associated drilling, remediation and monitoring programs.

Environmental Management Plans & Monitoring

In many cases, construction projects will require an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in order to obtain the necessary permitting or permissions to begin work. Our team have developed clear and concise plans for a wide range of projects throughout BC including marine remediation, mine reclamation and infrastructure development projects in environmentally sensitive areas. With our thorough understanding of applicable environmental regulations, we are able to adapt our EMP’s in order to provide project specific solutions for environmental best practices, mitigation measures and monitoring throughout the project’s duration.

Our EMP’s clearly define the roles and responsibilities for all relevant parties, ensuring that the project team is informed and trained with regard to their respective EMP component. When acting as Environmental Monitor, we collaborate with the project team and update the EMP regularly as project conditions change.


Our team can assist on projects with groundwater expertise covering everything from:

  • Contamination detection;

  • Monitoring and remediation;

  • Supply evaluation and development; and

  • Aquifer dewatering and infiltration.

Our team also provides assessment of existing information, aerial photographs and well logs, geological logging, well design and capacity testing, pumping test and aquifer evaluation, well interference and protection calculations, and hydrogeological assessments.

What’s more, we can help with environmental projects by monitoring well design, hydraulic conductivity testing, flow direction and velocity, groundwater sampling, parameter testing focus and evaluation, and groundwater monitoring and contaminant plume modelling.

We can assist with development projects on aquifer dewatering and infiltration testing and design expertise.

municipal infrastructure

Our team bring a diverse background of experience and capabilities to the table, including detailed designs by professional engineers, project management and contract administration. We have successfully completed many water, sewer and storm drain infrastructure projects for municipalities, and large developments on Southern Vancouver Island.

Current and past projects include infrastructure studies, replacement of ageing facilities, life cycle analysis, cost estimating and contract/construction management. All key personnel have completed formal contract administration training using the MMCD Platinum Edition.

land development

We guide each project through rezoning, development permits, preliminary layout approvals and design and constructions phases. Our team provides strategic lot layouts which maximize yields while complementing the environmental values of the site and the sustainability qualities of the project.

We have certified Project Management Professionals to coordinate projects through the many complex development channels. Our experience dealing with the local municipalities allows each project to be streamlined so that time and budget are not needlessly expended.

project management

Through certified Project Management Professionals, we provide project management services on planning, environmental, First Nations, municipal infrastructure and land development projects throughout Vancouver Island.